Wednesday Discipleship
Meal* ~ 5:30 PM
Adult, Youth, & Children Studies ~ 6:15 PM
Adult Choir ~ 7:30 PM
* Meals are $6 per person or $12 per family.

In Forensic Faith a homicide detective makes the case for a more reasonable, evidential Christian faith.

Forensic Faith is written by a cold-case homicide detective who has been featured on Dateline, Fox News, and Court TV. A former    atheist, he investigated “Jesus” and now shares how to defend the truth and master the evidence for Christianity. He says, “Parents need to raise their children with the confidence they will need to stand tall in the midst of (anti-God) pressure”.   (8 sessions)

In Gideon you will learn how God can work through our “weaknesses” to bring about victory.

Gideon’s story is also about us—our lives, our doubts, our struggles, and our possibilities as believers. This study will encourage you to recognize your weakness as the key that the Lord can use to unlock the full experience of His strength in your life. Feel insufficient?  Learn to experience the all sufficiency of God.  (7 sessions)

In Share Your Faith you will learn to use your hand to help you share a simple and clear explanation of how to be born again.

Share Your Faith helps you learn how to turn a normal conversation with a friend or family member into a discussion about God. Learn to ask questions that will help you know how interested a friend or family member really is in talking about God. One of our greatest joys and privileges is helping others be sure they are going to heaven.  (8 sessions)