Sunday School
9:00 am

You’ll find a whole variety of classes where we guarantee you will fit in and be loved.

Sunday School Director

Leader: Sherry Preston

Babies: {Newborn – 1 Year}

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 013
Leader: Billie Greer
Main Building

Toddlers: {2-3 Years}

Leader: Our Loving Volunteers
Main Building

Pre-K: {4-5 Years}

Leaders: Shannon Romans &
Bea Wilkerson
CLC Room #CL106

1st & 2nd Grade

Emily & Rusty Romine
CLC Room #CL110

3rd & 4th Grade

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 008

Anthony & Hillary Reed
CLC Room #CL111

5th & 6th Grade


Shaun & Ginny Sullivan
CLC Room #CL112



Michael and Kenzi Keene
Matt and Kelly Eakes
Youth Room

Young Adults (Coed): {18-30 Years}

Leader: Adam Moss
CLC Room #CL115

Ladies Class: {30’s – 50’s}

Leader: Polly Wilkerson
CLC Room #CL103

Median Adults 2 (Coed){40’s – 50’s}

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 003Leader: Tom Stevenson
Assistant: W.C. Tomberlain
CLC Room #CL107

Median Adults (Coed){30’s – 40’s}

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 002 
Leaders: Glenda Cox & Mike Wade
CLC Room #CL114

Senior Adults (Coed)

Leaders: Terri Pomeroy & Karen Casper
Main Building

Senior Adult Ladies

S.S. Leaders 4-3-16 003Leader: Joyce Summar
Main Building

Hispanic Youth

Leader: Bro. Chuck Padilla
CLC Room #CL109

Hispanic Adults

Leader: Lydia Padilla
Main Building

Hmong Adults (Coed)

Leader: Vang Yang
CLC Room #CL116

Hmong Youth

S.S. Leaders 4-3-16 020Leader: Caroline Xiong
CLC Room #CL101