Sunday School
9:00 am

You’ll find a whole variety of classes where we guarantee you will fit in and be loved.

Sunday School Director

Leader: Sherry Preston
Don’t miss our exciting study of “The Call” in Sunday School as we journey with Jesus and His Disciples to discover more about what it means to follow Jesus!
I hope you can join us this Sunday!
Both adults and youth classes are on this “journey” with Jesus!!!

Babies: {Newborn – 1 Year}

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 013
Leader: Billie Greer
Main Building

Toddlers: {2-3 Years}

Leader: Our Loving Volunteers
Main Building

Pre-K: {4-5 Years}

Leaders: Shannon Romans &
Bea Wilkerson
CLC Room #CL106

1st & 2nd Grade

Emily & Rusty Romine
CLC Room #CL110

3rd & 4th Grade

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 008

Anthony & Hillary Reed
CLC Room #CL111

5th & 6th Grade


Shaun & Ginny Sullivan
CLC Room #CL112



Michael and Kenzi Keene
Matt and Kelly Eakes
Youth Room

Young Adults (Coed): {18-30 Years}

Leader: Adam Moss
CLC Room #CL115

Pastor’s Class:

Leader: Rev. Shelby Smith
CLC Room #CL102

Ladies Class:

{30’s – 50’s}

Leader: Polly Wilkerson
CLC Room #CL103

Median Adults 2 (Coed){40’s – 50’s}

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 003Leader: Tom Stevenson
Assistant: W.C. Tomberlain
CLC Room #CL107

Median Adults (Coed){30’s – 40’s}

Sunday School Leaders March 2016 002 
Leaders: Glenda Cox & Mike Wade
CLC Room #CL114

Senior Adults (Coed)

Leaders: Terri Pomeroy & Karen Casper
Main Building

Senior Adult Ladies

S.S. Leaders 4-3-16 003Leader: Joyce Summar
Main Building

Hispanic Youth

Leader: Bro. Chuck Padilla
CLC Room #CL109

Hispanic Adults

Leader: Lydia Padilla
Main Building

Hmong Adults (Coed)

Leader: Vang Yang
CLC Room #CL116

Hmong Youth

S.S. Leaders 4-3-16 020Leader: Caroline Xiong
CLC Room #CL101